Advertising & Marketing & Sales, OH MY!

The "Nuts and Bolts"

Fasten your seat belts. We're now entering new territory. Up until now everything we've discussed has been philosophy and generalizations. This is the bonus. Everything you are about to read from this point forward is the icing on the cake. Through the years I've read a thousand books about how to become rich by starting a business. All of them focused on your thought processes but didn't spend any significant amount of time discussing specific techniques and word tracts. No matter what type of business you have in mind, there's got to be a quantifiable marketing strategy as well as a business philosophy.

The strategies I am going to describe in the following pages apply to all types of businesses, regardless of whether you are doing business-to-business applications or selling to the retail public.

If it is to be, it's up to me...

"If it is to be, it's up to me!" I have said those words to every job applicant...Every one of my employees chips in emptying garbage cans and cleaning. In my company, your job description is whatever needs to be done!

The Prosperity Equation

Table of Contents:


James A. Ziegler narrates Chapter 1


The four inseparable ingredients that complete
The Prosperity Equation:

  1. Attitude: It will make or break you
  2. Desire: That feeling in your very being that tells you that there is something more out there
  3. Work Ethic: The will to put in the required amount of time to reach your goals
  4. Competency: You need to know what you know and be the expert

These four "Pillars" depend on each other...