Get Your Mind Right

Why I wrote this book

I have always wanted to write a book that was easy to read and filled with information that would immediately change the quality of the readers' lives forever. As thoughts and ideas poured out of my mind, I have made an honest effort to capture them on these pages before they evaporated and were lost.

The Land of Opportunity

We live in a country where virtually everyone has the constitutional right to become wealthy and to pursue happiness, that is, if they really want it badly enough to go for it.

With so much abundance all around us, why are so many people living in poverty? Why do so many people feel they are helpless and there is no way to escape their situation?

For years I have meditated and considered those questions. There was a time in my life when I was searching for answers, which then became obvious. It wasn't a gradual awakening' it was more like being knocked down by a bolt of lightning. Suddenly, everything became crystal clear. I realized why so many people were missing pieces of the puzzle, why so many never seem to put it all together.

I called this revelation the Prosperity Equation

The Prosperity Equation is a sincere effort to reveal to you the step-by-step journey that has taken me from desolation to success. In these pages I've attempted to quantify thought processes as well as those events I experienced as my life progressed from despair to affluence. Every page has been carefully designed to show you ways to duplicate my successes.

James A. Ziegler, CSP

The Prosperity Equation

Table of Contents:


James A. Ziegler narrates Chapter 1


The four inseparable ingredients that complete
The Prosperity Equation:

  1. Attitude: It will make or break you
  2. Desire: That feeling in your very being that tells you that there is something more out there
  3. Work Ethic: The will to put in the required amount of time to reach your goals
  4. Competency: You need to know what you know and be the expert

These four "Pillars" depend on each other...